Cadenza e Vivace (Violin Solo)

Violin: Min Hee Kim
Recorded at the Finale of the International Composition Competition 2011, 
organized by Sorodha on March 25, 2012 at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (B).

Prosa in Miniatura (Harp Solo)

Harp: Astrid Haring
Recorded at the International Harp Composition & Festival Competition Contest 2010 Utrecht.
Creation on the 24th of March, 2010, at the Conservatory of Utrecht (NL).

Poème sur la Rêverie (Violin Quartet)

Violin Quartet: Fontys Conservatory Utrecht (NL).
Creation of ‘Poème sur le Rêverie’; International Summer Course at Monthureux-le-sec (Fr.) (August 11, 2009).

Canti Capricciosa
(Two Violins)

NIKO Arco duo (Sofie Geerkens en Dries de Haas)
Creation of ‘Canti capricciosa’ during the ‘EMJ’ at the church “Maagd der Armen” Grote Heide Neerpelt (Belgium).

Nyali (Cello & Piano)

My composition Nyali for Violoncello and Piano, dedicated to Sam Faes and  Stéphane Vande Ginste,was performed during the “Osmose Festival” which was held on December 3, 2016, in “Espace Toots, rue Stuckens 125, 1140 Evere - Brussels (B).
Performers: Johannes Burghoff (Violoncello) and Mamia Akhvlediani (Piano).

Elogium (Harp-solo)

My composition Elogium for VHarp-solo, was performed during the Finale of “Future Blend Projectl” which was held on January 6, 2018, in “Lord Leycester Hospital at Warwick (England)..
Performer: Alexander Rider.


Akhlys (Violin Solo)

“2° International ISME-IVME Composition Contest 2008” (Final).
Creation of “Akhlys” by “Hans De Vos”. ‘Passage 44’ Brussels (B).(November 02, 2008).

Elysium (Violin Duo)

Violin-duo: "Mark Pedus Takao Hyakutome&  "
Creation of  ‘Elysium’; « Musée de la Lutherie et de l'archèterie française» Mirecourt (Fr.) (August 09, 2010).

G-E-E-R-T-R-U-I (Violoncello Solo)

Violoncello: Geertrui Verjans
Creation of ‘G-E-E-R-T-R-U-I’; International Summer Course at Monthureux-le-sec (Fr.)  (August 08, 2010).

Meditation on Dufay's “Nuper rosarum flores” (French Horn & Piano)

French Horn: Hannes Verstraete
Piano: Mathias Coppens
“3° International ISME-IVME Composition Contest 2011”. (Final).
Creation of “Meditaion” at ‘The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp’ (B)(November 06, 2011).

Gorcum (French Horn & Symphonic Windband)

Solist on French Horn: Sigrid Ceunen
Symphonic Windband: Windworx (from Cape Town)
Guest conductor: Rik Ghesquière
Creation of “Gorcum” at ‘The Endler Hall”, Stellenbosch (South Africa) (September 20, 2013).

Drafting Squares

Piano: Nicolas Callot
Recording of “Drafting Squares” at Brussels, KLARA (Radio 3) (April 20, 2016).

Tempus valet volat velat

Creation of 'Tempus valet volat velat’ during the “Osmose Festival” Salle Espace Toots, rue Stuckens 125, 1140 Evere - Brussels (B).(November 30, 2018)